Expobar Brewtus IV-R Excessive Steam and Water Leak

There are two issues affecting the Expobar Brewtus IV-R.

  • Explosive steam release and venting
  • Water leak at internal connection point

While warming up, the machine will occasionally release steam. (This minor venting is expected.) The problem is that the machine now builds up pressure and releases an excessive amount of steam that won’t abate. See video below.

Video: Explosive Steam Release and Venting

Above video captures the moment when steam explodes from the top of a boiler.

Water Leak

In addition to venting steam uncontrollably, the machine leaks when power is off and components are cold. It stops leaking after powering on and warming up. Based on this behavior, it appears that a connection is slightly loose. When warm, the materials expand and prevent leaking. When cold, the fitting loosens and water can escape.

Above photo shows water droplet forming where plastic and metal parts are connected.

Water droplet travels to lowest spot before falling off into the bottom panel of the machine.

When enough water has gathered, it starts draining out and onto the counter.