So you want to replace a light bulb?

It was bound to happen one day. The day the microwave oven went dark. And when it comes to this particular model in the Electrolux family of appliances, the light bulb is accessible only after removing the metal appliance cover. If the microwave oven is installed in a wall cabinet, it must first be removed from the cabinet before the metal cover can come off. That’s right. You’re going to need power equipment and ladders to replace a light bulb.

First, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove four screws that hold the trim plate in place. Set it aside and slide the unit halfway out of the cabinet while someone else disconnects the power cord.

Except you can’t disconnect the power cord because the outlet isn’t directly behind the oven. No, it’s higher up on the wall. In fact, you’ll need to remove an entire shelf (and the stuff on that shelf) before you can unplug and release that power cord.

Once the microwave has been removed from the wall cabinet and is resting on a work surface, you can then remove the metal cover: 4 Phillips screws on the sides plus 5 on the back, two of which require a special T20H Torx screwdriver. Set the cover aside.

You’re now staring at the internal organs of the microwave. Surgery requires one of the brackets be removed so you can release the light bulb assembly.

Use a flat blade screwdriver to detach the plastic light bulb assembly from the metal frame and turn it around.

Once the bulb has been replaced, reverse the procedure to reassemble the appliance, return it to the cabinet, fish the power cord back through the shelves, and reattach the trim plate.

Easy peasy!